“You aren’t the person you were a second ago.” Well, two years can teach a person a whole lot of things. For me, it was my time at Seethi that made all the difference. A beautiful change for the better. My alma mater gifted me irreplaceable people, beautiful experiences and unexpected triumphs.

I still remember the day I discussed my plans for Higher Secondary education with my cousins. I talked about my plan to join Seethi and one of them told me, “Seethi isn’t just a school dear, it’s an emotion!” Well honestly, I didn’t take it seriously then. But looking back, I too have the same words to describe my school. An emotion to be cherished forever, a step that changed my life.

I had my schooling done in CBSE schools for most of my life, and frankly speaking, I was pretty sceptical of the decision at first. I didn’t know if I could manage the change in the learning atmosphere. But time proved me wrong, and I am happy about the decision I made. Being brought up in classrooms where studying was the ultimate aim, I was now open to a myriad of other opportunities like cultural contests and sports. Not only did my teachers give importance to academics, but there was also encouragement for overall development. It gave all of us a chance to explore ourselves and make use of our talents. From singing competitions to classroom presentations, my personality developed a lot. No matter how small they were, these chances helped me turn into the confident person I am today. And how can one forget all the fun we had at cultural fests!

Besides teaching how to be a good student and a confident performer, I can say without a tinge of doubt that my school taught me how to be a better human being. Other than Science or Mathematics or Language, Seethi taught me one important lesson- Life. The days well spent there taught me the importance of having strong, everlasting friendships. We lost a few gems in our beautiful journey together, and their memories will last until our last breath. These walls of Seethi are etched with stories of friendship and brotherhood. I still can’t help smiling when I remember the numerous hands eating from one Tiffin box and even those silly fights we had over a Cola or a snack in the Canteen. We had amazing people as our juniors too, so that’s a bonus!

There was no room for hatred or jealousy, and we never felt the need to fake our feelings. School felt just like home, and trust me, it isn’t a little thing. It’s something great to find a family among friends. The teachers here are really friendly and we maintain a cordial relationship with not just the ones who taught us, but the faculty as a whole. The jokes, little scolding now and then, and above all, their unconditional love are things that I will forever hold close to my heart.

One of the most unexpected events that happened over these years was the great result of our batch. We all did amazingly well, thanks to all the teachers and parents who stood with us every step of the way. I hope they are proud of us now. My results came out as a huge surprise for my family; we had certainly not expected that coming. I think I might still need time to recover from it!

All I can say is that this would not have been possible without the support I received. I am forever grateful to every single teacher who stood behind me, telling me I was capable of anything. I still remember their words. Nothing motivated us more like the words “You are our stars with sparkly eyes.” Thank you for still believing in me even though I was an utter idiot sometimes. Thank you for pulling me back to the right track whenever I moved the wrong way. I am also thankful to all of my friends, who prayed and wished all success for me (and later came asking for treats!). I still don’t know how these people believed in me more than I believed in myself.

Words or sentences can’t describe how much Seethi Sahib School means to me. This school has gifted me teachers who broke my stereotypes about them with love, friends who turned out to be my lifelong siblings, unforgettable people and an identity that I will always be proud of. I take pride in being a part of this family and wish all the future stars a sparkly adventure.


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