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“Happening to be the best student in a best institution is one kind of happiness!” and yes, I have gone through it. Not the bested one, but may be the best!. It was this great institution, the very renowned ‘Seethi Sahib higher secondary school’ portrayed me as the best. I am not boasting my self, but it is the fact.
For the very first time, when I entered this school for my higher secondary education, I was like totally isolated. Seethi was entirely different from my former school. But then on days, I met my old friends. Thank God! There was someone whom I could really stay with. Very slowly, I picked up connections with everybody and there I began my exact school life. I have got a many boon comparison. This took me away. This has really taken me away. Secondly, the very blessings I have had was my badass and superlative teachers. Truly, I am really speechless expound them. They have grabbed a big part in my life. So sorry, I could not point out each and every special ones, because if I slipped my mind!.
I have got a many opportunities to exhibit my views and talents. It was Seethi, which made me think, I was worthiness. Frankly opening my heart, I was not having that role in my former school where I have completed my 10th, even if I was the school vice captain. But this, Seethi was the heaven in the earth of my life and was really happy for seeing such kind of people, approaching me for the help.
 Being a student of humanities (35), a combination of Journalism – Psychology – English Literature – Communicative English, it was all interesting to learn the novel things. The benefits I have gained by learning Journalism was I came to know about the field of news and views. Psychology helped me to learn about all the disorders and psyche. English literature and communicative English improved my reading and speaking skills, and last but not least the very highlight advantage is to be the student of this stream, I had developed confidence and courage in me. Being optimistic makes you shine with double luster. I have also done a voice over for a documentary for the first time in my seethi life, were the chance was given by our upstanding principal Kasim sir.
Each and every days of seethi was the golden days, I swear. All the events are unforgettable and the programs all were like the fiesta of seethi. Regretting of all those happy snappy days and I wish I could be there for a long time. But yes, contented to know I am a member of seethian family. “school may be hard, annoying and irritating. But admit it, you are going to miss it when it ends .” This is the truth. Not irritable but easy going!

Nashvah Anees


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