Seethi lifting up drowning Kerala

In the middle of flood, many lives and livelihoods were devastated. Every single mind of India is now focused on keralites. Everyone is trying their best in contributing to the flood survivors for their basic needs, which was paralyzed by the flood crisis. Seethi Sahib H.S.S is also trying their best to collect much money they can,to help these people.

This virtuous act was done by the school N.S.S, who have a long-running record of similar activities. The co-ordinator of this move was Moithu sir, the Programming Officer of N.S.S, Seethi Sahib. He called the N.S.S members out of their classes after interval and divided them into ten groups. This was done to collect money from ten classes (5 plus one and 5plus two). The leaders of each group delivered an influencing speech on every class, which prompted students to donate more than the N.S.S expected. “We collected a lot of money from classes itself. Along with the deposit of the principal, teachers and other staff members, we made a lot of money”, says an N.S.S member of plus two.

Though they could accumulate more than they really expected, knowing that, any amount of money would not be merely sufficient to normalize the affected area, Moithu sir again called the members after lunch break. This time he divided them into numerous small groups and assigned them specific localities,from where they can collect money house-by-house. The donation they received from every house surprised even the students. “We didn’t expect these much money, this surely proves that people really do care for their neighbours”, says Abin, a plus two N.S.S student.

At evening, Moithu sir declared the total amount of money. “We have got a total of Rs 26,000. Without the cooperation of N.S.S volunteers, our neighbouring residences and teachers, we couldn’t have collected this amount of money. Thanks to everyone who contributed very much for this.” said Moithu sir. Many schools have done similar activities with and without the help of N.S.S. This flood surely teaches us that disasters not only bring up loss and destruction, but also cooperation and brotherhood.



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