Raw Days of Impregnable Experiences

                                                                            Today we learned how beautiful life can be with the unity of love and compassion overflowing from the hearts of innocent daffodils and hyperactive lilies, together we were one and are a group of wandering bees.

Who shall be more patient and loving than our teacher? The time we entered the camp more we thought of ending it. But day by day we saw the sprouts growing and shaping into golden roots and this camp was the place where you and I learned to cook and serve and understand others and empathize with them.

We were a team of aggressive juniors who are impenetrable in many ways. We had no gender or religion or caste, we were a horde of new minds.  We won an exam of life and will make sure that we help others in the ways we learned. The last few hours were the crucial turnings of our life.

Our teacher made the farewell speech and he was standing in an ocean of tears. Weeping like a child we all were, didn’t want to leave the days. We felt like we were plucked off from this unity. But then he said, “my dear daffodils and lilies, let’s go, a whole world is waiting for us”. Friends, let’s show them what we are capable of, let’s show them how we enjoyed working and let’s tell them that it’s not me but you.


Ambro hopes


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