My journey of life

In my journey of life, I had not taken much turns. I found it easy to go in a straight path without many diversions. After completing my ten years in Kendriya Vidyalaya Keltron Nagar, I decided to take my first turn.

All around me were different ways to turn. A choice worth one second would give me two years of life. According to my choice, my life was to change.

“Which way to take?” was a question that was difficult for me to answer before I got myself admitted to the Seethi Sahib HSS.

Looking back, I find myself lucky on making that decision.

For me it was like a new life. The school was to me like a new world. Altogether, it was an entirely different atmosphere for me. The environment I found in the school was very much different from my previous school.

Before I joined the school, I did not know much about the school. I had heard that it was one of the best schools in our district. So I expected two years of happy life. But, the experiences I got there were beyond my expectation, i.e. I got more than what I expected.

From the first day, I made friends and got settled in the classroom. The best thing I liked about the school was the support my teachers and friends gave me. The teachers and students made me feel at home when I was at school. Even though I had only spent two years of my life there, they were to me like a family.

In my two years of plus two life opportunities came like rainfall and I was very happy about it. I am happy that I could utilise them in my development as a better human being.

Soon I joined the NSS and became an active volunteer. The NSS unit of our school was known for its social activities. The unit under the leadership of Firoz sir tried its best in doing novel and innovative works as part of the objectives given by the state directorate. As an NSS volunteer, I could contribute a lot to the school and the society. What I liked most about the NSS was that I was engaged with different activities that I never felt bored and the feeling that the activities had a cause; I developed to myself some self-confidence and esteem.

The experiences I had in the school were far diverse than I had previously. It was a place where I had the opportunity to have all kinds of experiences and these experiences has truly made me an enlightened man.

Academically, the school has an air for knowledge. The teachers and the staff work in unity to help us in every way to improve the academic standards. Rather than teaching just the textbooks the teachers engaged us with activities, they taught beyond the syllabus and taught us everything they could. They taught us life.

All memories with the school visits me almost every day and I can see their smiling faces staring at me. Sometimes I dream of myself sitting along with my friends in that old classroom. Now while I am typing this work I remember typing for the school magazine we completed as part of our journalism practical. It was fun typing along with friends and chatting in between.

Now let me come back to my present. Now I am a student of Payyannur College and I am pursuing my graduation in English. Here I take this opportunity to thank all the members of my Seethi Sahib family who made it possible for me procure an admission on merit.

It is only with the support I got from Seethi could I score enough marks get a good admission. Presently I am enjoying life at Payyannur College. I am happy that I got good teachers and friends here and a library to comfort you when you feel lonely. The college with its beautiful scenery and shade of the trees are enough for cooling the mind. However, I do not expect the life I got from Seethi because I know w that it would not happen here, nor would it happen anywhere else.
To the students of Seethi I wish you all good luck for your future. You are lucky to be part of the school so I hope you would make the most of it.


Abin NM

N M House, Ammanapara

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