Humanities(35) looming on the horizon

“Success does not come to those who wait and it does not wait for someone to come on it”
Yes ,I believe in hardwork, I believe in God and I believe the immortal time. I was just turning back the pages of my life, I stuck on a page where i saw my friends learning lessons. Oh yes i remember we were told to study afternoon by our mentors. Two year of hard work never went waste. Not only science and commerce batch worked hard, humanities stream also worked for enjoying the taste of success.

H2B was not just a sparkle but were ready to burn like a sun. The results were declared, Humanities 35 (Journalism, Psychology, Communicative English & English Literature) batch students passed with flying colours. Wow! 100% pass. To exceed expectations, H2B worked hard and proved themselves. Five students scored full A+, three students made upto five A+, 11 students scored above 90% and others passed with high marks. It’s all possible with the support of teachers, staff, parents and management of the school.

I still remember two years before, when I joined in this stream, my relatives, neighbours said me ‘YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN SCIENCE’.  I don’t know why people think, only science stream or commerce is the best?. I just replied, it’s not really necessary to be in science or commerce stream. I don’t look down on any stream every stream has the same level of difficulty it’s just that we like different subjects and that’s completely speechless.

I don’t regret in it.I am extremely happy in my decision, a stream which is very interesting. A combination of Journalism, Psychology, English Literature, Communicative English, General English and Second Language. The students who aim to go for arts subjects,  Civil Service after 12th are encouraged to join this stream. Many writers and famous personalities with tremendous talent opted arts stream. So you can study, enjoy and can do something eye popping in the coming academic year under the guidance of enthusiastic Teachers.

H2B 2019 have creatively left a mark in the history of seethi sahib HSS. Who is next? I’am waiting for the next glittering stars. Be unique like our stream!


Krishnapriya Patteri

Proud to be an Indian

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