Girl who shines with double lusture; ATHIRA

Yes, she never dreamt about success, but she worked for it. I am talking about the pride and proud of our great school Seethi Sahib HSS. Athira A, science student, who became the school top scorer with a stunning 1199/1200. I am so glad to make out that, she is one of my good friend since eight years, and she is one of a kind. Now at the right moment am extra exhilarated to have this opportunity to interview this successful girl and it’s a privilege. Here, Nashwa Anees having a great time conversing with Athira in the light of her great excellent achievement.

Q: Hi Athira, how are you doing?
Athira: Hey, I’m good. Actually, it’s been a whole lot of excitement for the last few days and I’m enjoying it!

Q: It’s great!!!So let me too extend a hearty congratulations to you dear…
By the way, there are so many people around who is just watching you and making their inspiration. Let me know who is yours?

ATHIRA: I know this must be weird, but I gather inspiration not just from a single person, but from a whole lot of them. And they’re not just the conventional scientists or mathematicians that you might expect, but even the lives of singers and performers are inspirations for me. Their perseverance and attitude makes all the difference.

For me, inspiration is everything. Wherever I get it, I pick it up. I don’t have a specific role model, but I always try to learn from every single person I meet, or even a song I hear. Moreover, if you have a dream, that dream itself becomes your inspiration. I dream of what I want to become in a couple of years, and the thought of living that dream becomes your inspiration for working it out through thick and thin.

Athira & Nashwa

Q: A unique reply!!!But to have this kind of thought am totally sure you have someone behind, and tell me who all your backbone supporters are?
ATHIRA: I am nothing without the loving people around me. My family has always been the ultimate support system. My parents are there for me through tough times. And I can’t forget the impact my grandma has in my life. She is the motivator I always rely upon, and has always believed in me even when I couldn’t believe in myself. My uncle and aunt have been there with me as well. I am really proud to say that I’ve been blessed with a supportive joint family.
And then they are, my second family, my beloved friends. The unconditional love I’ve received in these years has made me who I am. There are more than just friends-they are my brothers and sisters, including the person I’m talking to now. Thank you Nashvah, you too are a part of my support system. It feels great to share my experience with a friend.

Q: It’s my pleasure to know that am also a part of your life and it really moved me, thank you for it. After all everyone are waiting to know what your plans are, can I know what your short and long term goals are?
ATHIRA: My goal has always been eating more without getting fat, even though it never quite happens. Other than this unrealistic goal I always try to ace everything I’m a part of, no matter what it is. It might be just a class presentation or a full-fledged singing competition.
My short term goals are hard, but I make sure that they are achievable. For example, I don’t dream of losing 20 kilos in a month, it isn’t quite possible for a lazy person like me. Similarly, it’s important that we set realistic goals. So my short term goal would be to perform the best in everything I do. It might be exams, or any activity that the teacher assigns. Setting small goals like, ‘Get more marks in class test than I did before’, helps me improve myself every single

Talking about my long term goals, they are quite frightening. But that’s where the fun lies, right? I’ve always wanted to be like all the teachers who’ve molded me throughout my life, who made me who I am. I love learning new things and passing them on to others. So I see myself as a Professor in Mathematics in a couple of years, if that’s how I am destined to be.

Also, I’d try my luck in the Civil Services. The act of serving the nation has always inspired me, obviously because of my father who spent a huge part of his life in the Indian Army. I think such a service is supreme.

Q: Yeah!!!You have a great humor sense…just keep it up and am happy to see your positive attitude. May all your dreams come true!!
ATHIRA: Thank you so much.

Q: Here comes the important part. Are you really a bookworm? Please share your studying schedule…am sure it can really help others.
ATHIRA: Now this is the best part. People always think I’m a nerd and a bookworm, unless they meet me in person. But I’m not! In fact, I love having fun at times. You just have one life, to live your dreams, work hard, and to have fun. The only thing is that you’ll have to stay true to your conscience.

And as far as my studies are concerned, I don’t stick to a specific schedule for the whole year. Trust me, it tends to be really boring after a few days. I make changes according to my comfort, and I do make sure that I take a quick look at every subject taught in a day.

I also try to include ample leisure time to reduce my stress. I listen to music, sing along, or even dance to them (Even though it might seem strange to you, I’m a good dancer). I read my favorite novel, or watch TV for a while. You know, the brain needs fun as much as it needs study.

So for all my friends out there who are stressing out, take a chill pill! Along with your studies, do something that you love. It could be singing, drawing, sleeping, anything! But whenever you study, make it a point to concentrate and really try to enjoy what you learn.

I’ve never had a specific time schedule. But you could make your own time table, as per your comfort. I never forced myself to study, neither did my parents. And that freedom helped me love studying more.

Q: It is something excited!!Let most of them follow this route. I know you are a great singer…but feeling bad that I could not make you sing right now, may be next time!
Am so sure that you have many achievements, tell me what all are?
ATHIRA: Uh, I have some of them grabbed by these big hands!
Well, I had a chance to participate in the science fair last year and it was one of the best experiences I ever had. It was my first time for a research type project. And you know what? My friend and I bagged an A grade at the district level! I was kind of shocked on that achievement!
And I also had the privilege to take part in the District School Kalolsavam in the English Extempore, English Essay writing categories, where I received a grade for both. And I came second in the Sub district Maths quiz.

I could participate in a lot of quizzes and competitions, including singing (My personal favorite) and these chances are not less than any achievement!

Q: It is so interesting to spent time with you. But now I am also equally curious to know about the changes Seethi made in you, and also your point of view about your teachers and friends?
ATHIRA: Well, words aren’t enough to explain the impact Seethi has had on me. I can say that this school has changed me into a better person, above all.
Coming from a school with completely different schooling methods, I thought I won’t be able to cope up with the new atmosphere. In 10th, there were only 30 students in my batch, and here, a single class had a strength of about 60! All this was overwhelming for me at first.

It’s true. Seethi changed me. But it changed me for the better. The kind of love and support I received from the teachers is immeasurable. To be honest, I had never interacted with teachers this close before. There always used to be a small wall between the teachers and students. That broke down completely. I had an amazing friendship with almost all of the teachers at school, not only the ones who were teaching me! I remember all the loving conversations and jokes we shared with them. I still hold those memories close to my heart.

My school taught me how to love myself with all my flaws, and also instilled in me a sense of brotherhood. What should I tell you about my friends! They are my family! I was the only child of my parents before, but now I’ve got a lot of siblings here!

No matter which stream we were, all of the 12th students had this amazing bond. I would go to the other classes during breaks, just to meet my friends there and crack my lame jokes. I can’t quite accept the fact that I’m going to miss them a lot!

And what should I say about my brothers and sisters in 11th?They are everything I wished for. Supportive, cool and fun to be with. I remember them running to me to ask me about the improvement results last year. They were happier than me on seeing full marks on my list!
This school has taught me what unconditional love of friends and teachers is. To my young darlings in the school, take in all the memories you can! Because Seethi Sahib isn’t just a SCHOOL, it’s an emotion!

Q: Thank you Athira for spending your valuable time with me. You are a transparent girl with all the talents blessed, in short All in One!!
ATHIRA: Thank you so much. The pleasure’s all mine. And thank you for having me!



Nashvah Anees


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