Dynamic Lines of a lullaby

This is just a miracle, which our intelligence or rationality becomes unknown in this scientific world. Only we can mention this by God’s direct blessing, just a blessing.

Just define this as surprise! The three aged Michael’s mother have again became pregnant. She called out her son and told him the truth- ‘There is someone who is coming to this world for adjoining him’.

When they scanned, it was clear that the baby is a girl. When he came to know that, he was extremely happy. He sat beside his mother and started singing his favorite song. He tunes it at any time with no different, as it is morning or evening. It was a usual activity by him when he reaches near his mother. He always touches his mother’s stomach and tries to care her.

When the delivery was near, Ruby entered the hospital. But it was not in an expected way, the delivery became complicated. The time extended and the baby was in a critical stage. Very sudden, the hospital authorities took over the baby to the children’s specialty hospital. The doctors consulted, but the result was unlike. Days are going on and the stage of the baby is also being worse. At last, the doctors make out the parents that, ‘No expectation, death can happen at any time’.

In these days, Michael was spending his time at home and thinking of why his parents have not taken him away to visit his baby sister. In the hospital, visiting was strictly restricted. Children are banned to enter the ICU.

Michael cried and requested his parents to take him away to just see her and to recite his favourite song for her. Parents thought of that, ‘already the death is very near, so lets take him to the hospital’. They accepted his desire. Michael decided to put on his suit and cap to make others know that he is not a small child. It seems like a bundle of clothes walking! When he reached the threshold, a nurse warned them not to take him inside. Ruby requested, but no use. Then the head nurse approached and said the other nurse, let him go in and do what he wish, before the baby comes to an end. Ruby’s eyes were filled with tears. Then they reached near the baby with Michael and with a sweet voice he started singing – ‘You are my sunshine, My only sunshine…’ When he was going on with his song, the people near him was surprised by seeing that, in each lines, the baby was recovering. The pulse was normal. Yes, the baby’s face was brightening like a sunshine. Everyone told him to continue with the song.

The baby’s health was becoming good. Everybody was filled with happiness. Michael was called on the next day also. He sang to the fine baby, and likewise, the baby was completely recovered. Parents took off her to their home. This is not just a story, it is an origin. How can it be explained? It was not able by an operation. The baby who was near the death, can hear the song and understand. That is why, from hospital, the baby could react to her brother’s song.

It is just to think, this is the noble Michael’s prayer which made his sister happy. During those days, his parents too were crying and praying to God. The result for the prayer is just an experience in originality. Sometimes it will be not very sudden or not in a kind which we expected. But it will be in a favourable manner. “Nothing is Impossible for God”, the truth comes to know in these situations.


Nashvah Anees


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