Bringing Bapuji back

If I had a magic wand

And could do anything grand

One thing I would do

is to bring Bapuji back


The man who died 70 years back

The man who was about to die for his

Nation but didn’t

The man of non-violence

Was killed in a manner of violence

The man who sternly did protest

Against the colonizing jest


What more to say about Gandhiji

When you have the history books

A simple common man just by his looks

And changed people’s minds with looks

And also by words that stroke like a flash

With my wand I would bring him back

Who would fill grains in every sack

And would bring people back

Together as humans

The people he would balance.

If he got another life,

There we could find a country

Sharper like a knife

The great Mahatma

Please come back for my wand

But there is no such wand

And I would need the help of

The readers in bringing the Mahatma back

Bring him as a teacher of your value education

With much anticipation

I wonder if he came back from the ashes

Would he be 150

But, be it 150 or 200

He would always look young,

And so would his values be.


Abin NM

N M House, Ammanapara

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